Q&A: Tim Wright, Patriots Style MVP

During football season, away games are business trips and the Patriots are expected to dress the part. Some players keep it simple with classic suits, but others do fashion with flair. Tim Wright is one of those guys.

With colorful custom suits and perfectly matched accessories, the New Jersey-born tight end often looks like he’s stepped straight off the catwalk. But, as he told us, his bold outfits are nothing new; Tim has dressed to impress since he was in high school. Here, he talks about his personal style, how he hunts for bargains and why he’s the go-to barber in the Patriots locker room.   

So, Tim, have you always been into fashion?
Yeah, I’ve always been into dressing myself. It dates back to high school. Every time we had events or ceremonies or banquets, I always got a lot of compliments [on my outfit]. But going into college, money wasn’t something that we had at our disposal, so I had to find a way to improvise.

How did you do that?
I used to go into a store, for instance PacSun - that was one of my favorites - and I’d go right to the sales rack. They’d have deals like buy two, get three free. So I’d buy two pieces of clothing, like $15 or $20 a piece, and I’d get three free items. I started looking at the whole thing as a concept. It’s not about buying one outfit; it’s about accumulating different pieces of clothing. Then when you look up after six months, you’ve got all these different items you can choose from and put together. That’s what I really focus on when I try to dress.

Did you have any memorable outfits in high school, when you first started experimenting with fashion?
There was this one particular suit. It was a spring-colored suit that I wore for a banquet. It was a purple-violet color. It was very bold [laughs]. I had a black suit that I liked, and I took the purple pants and put them to the side, and I put the black pants with the purple jacket with a black tie and pocket square. That just killed everybody. They kept complimenting me on it and it took off from there.

We still see you in bold suits on team travel days.   
This past year I did get four different colored suits. I don’t just have the typical blues and grays. I’ve got a black, a burgundy, a nice green, a nice blue and an orange one that I wore for the Super Bowl. So I’ve got some things to play with and, like I said, you can always switch out the pants and make it into another outfit. When I picked my colors [for the suits], I chose ones that could go with each other.

Do you work with a stylist to create these looks?
I work with a couple stylists who make my suits. They usually put a design together but then the first suit that I wore, I took the shirt out, I took the pocket square and the tie out, and I put my own little flair to it. They provided the fabrics, but conceptually I put the whole thing together.

Who do you think is the best dressed among your teammates?
I liked [former teammate] Shane Vereen’s style when it came to suits. His designer did a good job putting it together. Jo [Brandon] LaFell dresses pretty nice too. But it’s not a competition; I just like dressing for myself. I don’t dress up to compare myself to somebody else. I don’t look at it like that.


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