About Us

Welcome to The Wright Cut. Our establishment consists of a completely certified team of barbers and stylists that produces a high quality service you can’t find nowhere else. In addition to the service, our facility is one of the most superior quality, modern, and clean hair cutting establishments you would ever step foot in. Our team of receptionists takes pride in facilitating our diverse market while upholding the standard of our facility and providing you with a one of a kind experience.

With our unique location being right on campus at Rutgers University, different from any other shop, our team has experience with servicing all different ages, races, ethnicities and hair types. Our team has the expertise to execute any service you ask for. We pride ourselves on doing things the Wright way. “Once you get Wright, you can’t go wrong”!

The Wright Cut was a vision that turned into a reality. Our model is built from the principles and sacrifices of our Owner/CEO and Super Bowl Champion Timothy Wright. Mr. Wright has a deep passion for art and have been cutting hair for the past 15 years. While attending Rutgers as a full time student and captain of the football team, he spent the little time he had left, cutting hair. He knew one day the sacrifices he made in college would amount to something special. He always had a vision to leave a Legacy, and now as a entrepreneur and professional athlete, The Wright Cut is his way of doing so.

Mr. Wright values every relationship he has with his clients and believes every service is more than just a haircut. During the time of a hair service, he believes the service provider is like a therapist to the client. The positivity that transpires from that single service is what inspired him to develop an entire operation based on his experience of what he calls, a service. He believes a service provider can make someone look good and feel good all from a single haircut.

Through his years of cutting hair, he developed a fine eye for the details and what it takes to produce a quality hair service that every client deserves. Quality is one of the core values for The Wright Cut but in addition to the service, he wanted to create a facility that would impress its customers the moment they walked through the door. Every detail of the look and aesthetic of the establishment was put in place with the Wright touch. Not only was the first impression important to him, more importantly, the people he selects to be members on his team and the environment that’s created stands out most. The Wright Cut is open for everyone so he wanted his team to be family friendly and be a place where people can enjoy a one of a kind experience. After opening the flagship operation in September 2016, The Wright Cut has been nothing short of Mr. Wright’s Vision.